Robotics technology has the potential to be a game changer in healthcare: improving health and well-being for millions of people, supporting care givers, and aiding an overburdened clinical workforce. However, healthcare is a complex ecosystem, and it is crucial to consider this context from a multidisciplinary perspective when building new technology. This course brings together engineers, scientists, clinicians, and end-users to explore this exciting new field. This course is project-based, interactive, and hands on, and involves working closely with key stakeholders to design and prototype systems that address real-world problems. Students explore the latest research in robotics, human-robot interaction, and health design, and gain experience using this perspective to address important problems in unique ways. 
Final project highlights from prior years of the course:

Hey Stretch, 2022

Busy Bird Calendar, 2022

Rubi: Robot for People with Dementia, 2019

Medication Adherence with Jibo, 2018

Laser Board, 2022

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